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Since 1985


Decades of experience supporting brands

Product Development

We work closely with partners to turn concepts into realized product lines. We understand the importance of product differentiation and telling a story through products.

Forecast & Planning

We help identify budgetary needs early and come up with creative solutions to deploying inventory capital efficiently. We know how purchasing significantly impacts cashflow.

Brand & Design

We have an in-house team and plenty of agency partners to help brand founders achieve their visual goals in both product and creative.

Ecommerce Management

We've deployed dozens of ecommerce sites for our partners since the early 2000's. We can full-serve or assist in solutions ranging from Magento to Shopify.

Channel Growth

Our customers lean on us to advise or operate their channel expansion. Whether you are listing on Amazon or expanding distribution to retailers, we can help.

3PL & Fulfillment

We operate 20,000 square feet of fulfillment space in Los Angeles and work with several bespoke 3PL partners to deliver 3PL solutions according to your needs.

Storage & Logistical Solutions

We've been moving large volumes internationally for many years. Our customers lean on us to help procure, store, and transport components and finished goods.
manufacturing & supply chain

In-house & Outsourced Capabilities

We have been manufacturing and sourcing products in China, Thailand, Vietnam and US for over 20 years

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creator COLLABS & partnerships

Co-founding Brands with Digital Creators

We support founders and creators who want to build brands. We co-invest with capital and execution.
We can help you get from concept to $10MM annual quickly.


Develop thesis & product

We co-develop a product concept adjacent to a creator's core content narrative. Developing a jewelry or candle brand for beauty creators feels natural - a product space welcomed by the creator's audience.


Brand & marketing

Though brand and marketing are iterative, we incubate or partner with leading brand houses to develop an agile go-to-market strategy for the creator.


Forecast, plan, and execute

We develop a partnership based on creator's goals and capital situation. A tailored solution is agreed upon and a pre-launch checklist is started. Setting up launch operations is second nature. Keep it simple and lean.


Expand and scale

While the first step is a digital launch to the creator's engaged audience, it's important to expand the brand beyond the reach of initial audience. We co-create a plan to expand distribution into areas of opportunity. We scale vertically and horizontally into new markets when the time is right.


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