We Invest, Partner, and Launch Brands with Content Creators

track record

Over 20x Brands

We've launched many upstart brands with creators and founders since 2015. We participate as investors, advisors, founding team, and ongoing operating team to grow and scale in brand partnerships.

$10M Quickly

We have a track record driving early scale and managing operations for hyper-growth brands. Several of our brand partnerships have reached $10M in first year sales, often outpacing expectations of creators and founders.

Our Distribution & Services faculties ensure good execution to support fast growth. A brand is only as good as the happiness of customers. Our decades of experience build customer excellence and expand into other non-digital channels.


A Proven Formula


Thesis & Products

It's important to develop a brand and product space that makes sense for the Creator's engaged audience. The engaged audience is the first customer the brand will cater to - the group that has the highest likelihood to convert as a purchaser and ambassador of the brand.


Brand & Marketing

Once we've established the engaged audience and product spaces that make sense, we co-create a brand vision that aligns with the Creator. We develop a brand message and clear mission. Then, we customize the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch marketing plans for digital channels first. Set first and second year targets. Finally, we story a three to five-year channel plan.


Forecast, Plan, Execute

We put together a plan with the Creator for pre-launch, launch, and post launch. It's important to set mutual expectations. We understand that Creators have their core brand to manage - that's why they partner with us to cover the rest.

Once the brand and marketing plans are developed, a business guidance is produced and we execute against a set budget. We've found that setting deliverables and scheduling are critical to success. We work well with managers and Creator teams to make things happen on time and reduce friction for the Creator.


Expand and scale

A Creator's engaged audience will only take the brand so far. Depending on the size of the audience, first day sales can range from thousands to millions. Eventually, the first audience will be reached and fully maximized. An inflection point for digital will occur where the brand must expand beyond the reach of the Creator's audience.

We think of the early reach as the brand's ignition. The period of free conversions will end and the brand must continue to grow. We have driven retail expansion, product segmentation, and sub brands for our Creator partners.

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